Download the most popular auto clicker

OP Auto clicker is a lightweight, malware-free tool with all the functionalities you need to have a mouse-free experience. Automate the clicks with great ease.

Click Location

You can follow your cursor or click at a specific location using our auto clicker. You can also choose an area to click inside.

Click Frequency

You can choose to do a fixed or unlimited number of clicks. Moreover, you can choose the time between two subsequent clicks.

Click Type

You can choose left, right buttons or match them up with single, double or triple clicks. There are several permutations available.


You have the option to fix multiple hotkeys for different functions. You can also go with the default hotkey settings to play or pause the tool.

Low CPU Usage

OP Auto clicker is as lightweight as it can weighing less than 1 MB. It’s a one-click install and takes minimum CPU resources to run.

No Ads

Unlike many other tools in the market, you will see no ads or fake promotions inside the tool. Just install and using the tool with no hassle.


  • Auto-clicking on different games is one of the main uses of OP Auto Clicker. You can find many different clicking games on the Internet for which it can be used. For example, you can use this software to place blocks automatically in Minecraft.
  • With the software, you will also be able to play regular games using the record function. You can use it while playing games like Minecraft or Roblox.


Even if you are not a gamer but a programmer, OP auto clicker can be extremely helpful.  The tool can be used, for example, to identify bugs while programming. It is also useful for debugging complicated situations where you need to run through thousands of lines of code.

Data Entry

Moreover, if you are someone who does a data entry job then this tool can also come in pretty handy. It will be useful for automatically clicking to save your data. So you don’t have to touch your mouse again and again.

Hundreds of lines of the same data don’t need to be entered manually now.

Screen activity

  • OP auto clicker can also be used to keep your screen active even when you are not at your computer. As you already know, Windows puts your PC into sleep mode when not in use. This tool can help prevent that from happening.
  • It is also very useful when you want to continuously refresh something like a web page.

“OP makes my daily automation tasks so easier. Being a software developer, it has been a blessing for me.”


It’s one of the easiest and coolest auto clickers out there. I have never seen a better tool in market.


I am a gamer. OP Auto clicker has helped me in winning several challenges and tournaments where idle clicking is the deal.


Extremely Straightforward and easy to use mouse automation

OP is one of the best automatic clicking software available. With the help of the software, you will be able to click on your screen at specified time intervals automatically. As a result, there is no need for you to touch your mouse or click from time to time. Instead, the software will do the job for you.