Enjoy the 5 Best PC Games with OP Auto Clicker (2022)

OP auto clicker has created a name for itself among gamers and people have been trying to use it in whichever game they can. Most people use it for cookie clicker, however, there are a lot more games you can use it in and here are some of them:-

Weight Lifting Simulator

When you start the game, you’ll be as thin as a stick and will continuously need to lift the weights to increase your size. In order to lift the weights, all you need to do is press your left click consistently.

The problem with playing this game without an auto clicker is that most people around you are extremely jacked up and it’ll take a long time for you to have that shape manually. However, with OP, you can achieve that in a fraction of time that will be spent manually.


Despite being a sandbox game and not an idle or incremental game, Minecraft lets you make use of OP at multiple instances. Here are some situations where you can make use of it in the game:-

  • Defeating your opponents in PVP by automating the clicking part and punching continuously.
  • Mining in caves to find hidden resources.
  • Going away from the keyboard without facing an inactivity warning in an online server.
  • Using hoe or breaking the grass for finding seeds while you arere farming.

That said, once you’re playing the game, you’ll find even more instances where it can be used to make your gameplay easier.


The most important aspect of this Battle Royale game is shooting and if you master recoil control with it, nobody can stop you. However, it gets difficult to manage both shooting and recoil control at the same time, especially with guns like AKM.

In such instances, you can use OP auto clicker and automate the shooting part. Once it has been automated, all you need to do is master your recoil control and stay safe from the enemies. While you’re at it, make sure you stop OP once you’ve killed the opponent or your bullets will be wasted for no reason. Additionally, don’t overuse the tool, or you might even get banned.

Clicker Heroes

You start the game with one player or hero that can produce only one point of damage per click to the monsters. After you’ve damaged and killed a few monsters, you can buy additional players and use them as allies which helps you in producing better damage per click.

While clicking the monsters manually, the damage per second can only go up to a few DPS. However, OP lets you produce huge damage per second which eventually upgrades your characters and adds new ones faster.

Adventure Capitalist

This game can be really fun if you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Unlike most such games, you start this game with zero and go on to buying hockey teams and running banks. Initially, you’ll be provided with a single lemonade stand which will be quite easy to maintain.

However, when you move on to creating multiple businesses, it becomes a daunting task to manage all of them. OP auto clicker can help you in this game by making the charging process quicker as well as keeping the profit enhancers from running out. Both these tasks, if done manually, would require you to click continuously at respective buttons.

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