Score Huge with OP Auto Clicker for Cookie Clicker (Latest)

Idle or incremental games have been getting popular since the last few years. Where most games require you to complete missions, solve quests or use your brain, idle games have no such requirements and have the least amount of controls.

Cookie clicker is one of the most popular idle games out there. This simple, yet addictive game has hooked everyone up. However, in recent times, people have started using auto clickers in the game and let us understand why.

Score Huge with OP Auto Clicker for Cookie Clicker (Latest)

Why do you need an auto clicker for Cookie Clicker?

As simple and relaxing the game is, it can get annoying and boring after clicking monotonously for a few minutes. Also, there are only a certain cookies per second you can reach manually through your fingers. However, with a mouse automation tool, the limits are endless.

You can automate the only thing you need to do in the game i.e. clicking. So if clicking isn’t your main objective of playing the game and the in-game rewards are what makes you happy, a mouse clicker is the right tool for you.

What is OP Auto Clicker?

OP is a popular tool that lets you automate your clicking based on the delay and frequency you set as well as record sequences and play them.

Using OP auto clicker in Cookie Clicker

Before you start using this tool, make sure to change the hotkeys or at least know what the default ones are. For auto clicking, you can just click on “hotkey setting” and set a new one. However, for recording, you’ll need to follow these steps:-

  •   Go to “record and playback”.
  •   A new window will pop up with three buttons. Go to options > settings > hotkeys.
  •   Now, change the hotkeys by clicking on the default ones and entering a new one.

Changing the hotkeys isn’t mandatory and if you’re comfortable with the default ones, then leave them as they are. Here are the default hotkeys:-

Auto clicking:-

  •   Start/Stop – F6


  •   Playback/Stop – CTRL+1
  •   Record/Stop – CTRL+3

Not just the auto clicking, but you can also make use of the recording feature in the game. For the former, here are the settings you should preferably use to achieve maximum number of cookies in least time:

  •   Interval = 1 Milliseconds
  •   Mouse button = Left
  •   Click type = Double
  •   Never stop = Yes

1 millisecond is the least delay you can go for, however, you can also set all the interval units to 0 to achieve the same clicking speed as 1 millisecond.

Coming to the recording feature, here’s how you can make use of it:-

  •   Click on “record and playback”
  •   Now, click on the red button to start recording.
  •   Go to the cookie, click on it a few times, move your cursor to the upgrades and buy them.
  •   Click on the cookie again and buy the next upgrade after a few clicks.
  •   Stop the recording after you’ve done it with a few upgrades.

This method will make sure that not just the clicking part is automated, but you’ll also not need to manually buy the upgrades and can automate everything.  

Maximum number of cookies per second

Without any upgrades, you can have a maximum of 250 clicks per second no matter how low your delay is set to. This is because the game has a cap of 250 clicks per second.  However, with various upgrades, there’s no limit to the clicks. You can achieve millions of cookies per second with proper upgrades.

Here some of the basic upgrades you can use to maximize your cookies:-

  •   Cursor – Produces 0.1 cookies per second
  •   Grandma – Produces 1 cookies per second
  •   Farm – Produces 8 cookies per second
  •   Mine – Produces 47 cookies per second
  •   Factory – Produces 260 cookies per second  
  •   Bank – Produces 1400 cookies per second

Other than these, more upgrades get unlocked as you achieve a specific number of cookies.

Every time you buy an upgrade, the price for buying it again for the next time increases. So after a certain point, you might want to use a bit of math and figure out which upgrade will yield better results and which isn’t worth their price.

Look at this video where a guy uses multiple auto clickers to score in cookie clicker: