How to start using OP Auto Clicker?

What is it?

OP auto clicker is an auto clicker that lets you

  • Automate the mouse clicking
  • Create a set of actions or sequences and play them 

Features Of OP Auto Clicker

  • Safe-To-Use

Despite all the myths surrounding OP and auto clickers in general, we can assure you that it has no viruses and is completely safe-to-use.

  • Low CPU Usage

No matter how long you use this auto clicker for, your system won’t face any slowing down issue in short or long term. This is because this tool has a very low CPU usage. 

  • Free

It is completely free-to-use. However, there’s a third party tool it redirects to if you’re looking for paid advanced features. We’ll talk about it later in this guide.

  • No Ads

We understand how annoying ads can be and despite OP being a free auto clicker, there are no ads whatsoever. 

  • Compatibility

It has very minimum system requirements and will work with almost any system with basic specifications. Currently it is compatible with Windows, Mac as well as android.


Things to know before using it

Before you start using it, let us have a look at some of the terminologies and sections you will encounter while using the software.

  1. Hotkeys

In simple words, these are the keys that you’ll press to perform an action (like auto clicking or recording) or stop the same. Here are the default hotkeys for each action and how you can change them:-

Auto clicking:-

  • Default hotkeys:
  • Start/Stop – F6
  • How to change?
  • Click on “hotkey setting”
  • Click on F6 (or whatever the hotkey is)
  • Press your desired hotkey and click on Ok.


  • Default hotkeys:
  • Playback/Stop – CTRL+1
  • Record/Stop – CTRL+3
  • How to Change?
  • Go to “record and playback”.
  • A new window will pop up with three buttons. Go to options > settings > hotkeys.
  • Now, change the hotkeys by clicking on the default ones and entering a new one.

Changing the hotkeys isn’t mandatory and if you’re comfortable with the default ones, then leave them as they are. Just make sure you’re always aware of what hotkey is set for which action. 

  1. Click interval

Click interval determines how fast the clicking will happen. The lower the interval is, the faster the clicks will be. To get maximum clicks, you can set the interval to 1 millisecond.

  1. Record and Playback

If you want to repeat a certain set of actions to be performed multiple times, this is the feature you’ll use. You can record your mouse clicks and even keyboard strokes with it. However, you cannot save the sequence with the free version.

  1. Click options & Cursor position

Mouse button and click type lets you decide which button to be clicked and whether the clicks have to be single or double. 

If you want the clicking to happen for a certain frequency, you can click on the “Repeat” radio button and enter a number. However, if you don’t want it to end until you stop it, select the “Repeat until stopped” button.

For the cursor position, “current position” starts the clicking wherever your mouse is at that moment. However, you can also pick a location by entering the coordinates.


How to use it? (Steps)

Launching it

In order to launch the auto clicker, you’ll need to click on the installed icon and click on “Run”. This is the same process you’ll need to follow every time you want to launch the tool.

How to Auto Click? (Steps)

Once you’ve launched the auto clicker, you might get confused by seeing all the features and options it has.

But nothing to worry about, just follow the below step-by-step procedure:- 

Step 1: Upon launching the app, the first thing you must do is set your desired interval. Make sure you’re entering the interval in the correct unit box (hours, second etc.).

Step 3: Select which mouse button you want to be clicked (right, left or middle) as well as the click type (single or double). 

Step 4: Enter a repeat frequency if there’s any, else just click on “repeat until stopped”.

Step 5: Set the cursor position to the current location or pick a specific location and enter the coordinates. 

Step 6: You’re now all set to start the clicking. In order to do so, you can either press the respective hotkey or just click on the “start button”. The same hotkey or the “stop” can be used to stop the clicking.

How to Record & Playback? (Steps)

Step 1: Click on the “Record & Playback” button. A new window will appear with three buttons.

Step 2: In order to start recording, click on the button with a red circle. You can also start it with your designated hotkey.

Step 3: Perform the set of actions that you want to be recorded. 

Step 5: Once you’re done with the actions, click the same button again or press the stop hotkey.

Step 6: Lastly, click on the play button to play your recording. 

Where can it be used?

There are endless possibilities where OP auto clicker can be used. However, here are some of the popular use-cases of it:-

  • Gaming 

Some of the common examples include battle royale games like PUBG, RPG games like adopt me!, shooting games like zombie rush as well as sandbox games like Minecraft.

  • Online shopping

It can be used in flash sales by creating a sequence of actions that adds the product to the cart and completes the checkout.

  • Testing

UI testers are required to click manually and check what part of the UI has bugs. It can all be automated with this auto clicker.

  • Data entry

It can be helpful in data entry where most of the tasks can be automated.

Tips and Tricks

There’s an array of cool things you can do with this auto clicker. However, here are some of the cool tricks you most definitely should try:-

  • Beat all your opponents in PVP mode of Minecraft, Roblox and other similar games.
  • Spam inboxes of your friend’s by spamming them with stickers in whatsapp web. 
  • Automate clicking and buying the upgrades in cookie clicker to achieve billions of cookies or even more. 
  • When you’re in an online server, use the auto clicking to maintain your activity and prevent yourself from being kicked out of the server. 


Common Mistakes

Downloading from unreliable sources:

People often download OP auto clicker from various unreliable sources and third-party sites. A lot of them do not either work or have some kind of virus in them. So make sure you do not make the same mistake. 

Not knowing about hotkeys

You might not look at the hotkey and start clicking directly with the “start” button. However, the biggest problem with this approach is that stopping the clicking without a hotkey becomes a really daunting task. 

While you’re on your way to click on the “stop” button, you might end up clicking a hundred other places. This is the reason why knowing the hotkey is extremely important. 

OP Auto Clicker for Android

Like we earlier said, OP is available for android as well. However, it is totally different from the desktop version in both features and usage.

Before we look at the features, let us first understand what a target icon is. It is basically similar to the cursor position in the desktop version and you can add a target icon at a location where you want the clicking to happen. 

Click Modes

Op for android has two click modes; single target mode and multi target mode. As the name suggests, in the single mode, you can set a single target icon and auto click at once place whereas in multi target mode, multiple target icons can be added and you can auto click different places at the same time.

Auto Swipe

This feature can be useful in games like Fruit Ninja that require you to swipe continuously instead of clicking. All you need to do is set a swipe start icon and a swipe end icon that acts as the total area where you want to swipe.

Add & remove targets icons easily

By pressing the “+” icon, you can add a target icon as well as remove one by tapping on the “-” icon.

Macro Files

All your auto clicking and auto swiping macros get saved in the “macro files” section. You can use these files later in the future when you require the same sequence to be played.

How to use it?

Single target mode:-

        Click on the “enable single target mode” button.

        Click on the settings icon at the left and set your delay, frequency as well as repeat settings.

        Set your target icon wherever you wish to.

        Click on the green play button at the left and to stop the clicking, click the same button that gets turned into black later.


Multi Target Mode

        Click on the “enable multi target mode” button.

        Add as many target icons as you want by tapping on the “+” icon.

        Once added, click on the play button to start as well as the stop button to end the clicking.

        For auto swipe, you can click the yellow icon in the same window, add the target icons and click on play.



It is a third party tool that OP promotes in its record and playback feature. You can download it by clicking on the “more” button in the record section. It has two paid editions with advanced features. Let us have a look at these 2 editions and discuss the features that make it worth the price.

Why should you go for Remouse?

You might be wondering why you would need to buy a paid remouse edition when you can auto click and record with OP for free. The reason is simple, due to the advanced features these editions provide.

We will now have a look at two comparisons; OP vs Micro Edition and Micro vs Standard edition. These comparisons will help you make up your mind whether or not you want to buy a paid version and if you do, which will it be.

OP vs Micro edition

Both of them provide auto clicking and recording features. So we’ll only talk about the distinguishing features that Micro edition have over OP. Here are they:-

  • Save recordings

OP lets you record but the recordings don’t get saved as scripts. However, with the micro edition of remouse, you can save all the recordings and play them later whenever you wish to.

  • Repeat playback

Once you record a sequence in OP, you can only play it once after clicking on the play button. In order to repeat it, you’ll need to keep clicking the play button every time the playback ends. However, with this edition, you can set the repeat frequency for playback and it gets played for the respective number of times.

  • Custom action after playback

Micro edition lets you set a custom action that will take place right after a playback ends which is something that OP lacks.


Micro Edition vs Standard Edition

If you’re considering paying a few bucks instead of using the free OP, you might want to have a look at these additional features that make the standard edition pricey and better than Micro edition. Note that, all the features present in micro edition are already there in the standard one and we’re only talking about the distinguishing ones.

  • Task scheduler   

This feature lets you schedule a particular clicking or recording sequence at a particular time to be played.

  • Event trigger              

With the trigger feature, you can set a colour, window or file as the trigger item and whenever your cursor is on that particular item, it will instantly start the auto click or recording you want to be played.

  • Smart recording

Once you record a sequence and play it, micro and OP will only be able to play it correctly if the window you want the sequence to happen in, is on the same coordinates or location as it was while recording.

In simple words, if the window is at a different location while recording and you move it elsewhere during playback, it will cause an error and won’t perform the sequence correctly.

However, with smart recording, you can select the window where you want the sequence to be played and no matter where you move the window, the playback will happen at the right location.

  • Task manager

Task manager gives you complete power over which sequence will be played when as well as lets you edit the sequences later as well. You can combine clicks, keystrokes, triggers etc. and create various sequences as well as change their settings whenever you want to.



OP auto clicker is one of the most popular auto clickers out there. It is currently available for Windows, Mac as well as android platforms. This tool was initially developed to automate games and make them easier to play. However, with time, it has been having a number of use cases in different industries including gaming, data entry, shopping etc. 

Currently, there are thousands of users using it consistently every month. The latest version available to download is OP auto clicker 3.0. In the coming months, it will release newer versions with even more features.