Stand Victorious with OP Auto Clicker for Minecraft (Tested)

Minecraft is an extremely popular game where there’s no limit to the things you can do in the game. You can build structures, explore the existing ones, protect yourself and your belongings from enemies as well as just join the online servers and roam around the never ending maps.

Clearly, the game has a lot of different things you can do, however, at times a few tasks can be monotonous. To make these monotonous tasks easier and quicker, you can use OP auto clicker. In this article we’ll guide you through what this auto clicker is, where it can be used in the game and how you use it.

Stand Victorious with OP Auto Clicker for Minecraft (Tested)

OP Auto Clicker

This tool lets you automate the task of clicking as well as create various sequences and macros that can be automated as well. For clicking there are various customization options like:-

  •   Click interval: Can be set to as low as 1 milliseconds.
  •   Click options: You can select the mouse button (left or right), click type (single or double) as well as set a specific click frequency or keep it running until you want it to.
  •   Cursor location:- Can be either set to the current mouse location or you can set specific coordinates for it to click.

Apart from auto clicking, you can also use the “record and playback” feature to record a set of sequences and play it later.

Hotkeys in OP

Before you start using the mouse clicker in the game, make sure you know what hotkeys are and set them as per your comfort.

Hotkeys are basically the keys that you’ll be using to start or stop the functions of the tool like auto clicking and recording. If you’re not using hotkeys and manually doing it by clicking on the start or stop button, you won’t face any problem while starting it, however, stopping the process will create a mess.

Let us now understand how you can change the hotkeys for both the processes.

Auto clicking:-

  • Click on “Hotkey setting” located right on the main page.
  • F6 will be the hotkey by default. Click on F6, press your desired hotkey and click on “Ok”.

Record and playback:-

  • Click on “record and playback”.
  • Go to options > settings > hotkeys.
  • Now, change the playback/stop as well as record/stop hotkeys as per your comfort.

Where can you use an auto clicker in Minecraft?


PVP can be brutal at times and clicking continuously to attack and defeat the opponents can be a daunting task. Apart from the clicking, you also need to make sure you’re doing it in the right direction with the correct pointer.  

With an auto clicker, you can automate clicking (attacking) and all you’ll need to worry about is moving your mouse in the direction of your opponents.


Mining is something you’ll be doing very often while playing the game in order to find hidden resources. Whether you are mining in a cave or performing shaft mining, if you’re mining deep, you might want to automate it as it gets very monotonous at times.

With an automating tool, you can break the blocks and create mines automatically without even touching your mouse.  

Going AFK

Minecraft can be played in single player mode as well, however, players prefer multiplayer mode more often. This is because it’s a lot more fun to play it with other players on the server.

The only drawback of playing on servers is that if you want to go away from the game for more than 20 minutes, you won’t be able to. If you do so, you’ll be kicked out of the server due to inactivity. To make sure, you do not look inactive even when you’re away, you can use a mouse clicker anywhere on the game screen.

This will make sure you stay active in the game and are never kicked out.

How to use OP auto clicker for Minecraft?


Having a good farm ensures that you’re not going to run out of food for a long time. However, to make the process of farming easier, you can use the auto clicker in different steps of farming.

  •   There’s no specific amount of time you’ll require to find seeds. AT times, you might start breaking the grass and find the seeds in a few seconds whereas it might take you a few minutes as well. This is where you can use OP at. Just find the area that has a lot of grass, put the clicker delay to somewhere around 10 milliseconds and keep it running until you find seeds.   
  •   Once you’ve found an ideal place to farm, choose your hoe, set the clicking to around 10 milliseconds and start the clicking. Keep it running until you’re done with digging and the blocks in the area have turned to dark brown.
  •   Once the farm has grown, you’ll need to harvest the crops. In order to make it easier, use the same delay and start clicking from where the plants start and keep breaking them until you’ve harvested all of it.

Important tip:-

Make sure you farm in the area where there’s enough water nearby or the area is surrounded by water.

PVP and Going AFK

Using the auto clicker in both situations is pretty easy. While using it in PVP, you can set the delay to around 100 milliseconds as you mostly won’t need more clicking speed than this.

However, for AFK, you can set the clicking delay to anywhere between 10 seconds to 1 minute. It is preferable to set the delay longer (not more than 20 minutes obviously) as this will make your activity natural, avoiding any chances of you getting banned.

Important tip:-

While you’re using the auto clicker in PVP, make sure you start and stop the clicking only when needed. If you keep the clicker on, you’ll eventually end up wasting all your bullets. So knowing when to stop the shooting is what makes all the difference.


There are multiple ways through which you can mine and find hidden resources. However, the easiest one would be mining in caves. For breaking the blocks, start the clicking at 100 milliseconds delay. We wouldn’t suggest you lower the delay as you’ll be moving your mouse as well while breaking the blocks.

Important tip:-

Do not mine straight downwards and make sure to create a staircase while you are mining. If you don’t, you’ll end up falling in a deep hole and will either die from the fall damage or will have to create a staircase from the bottom which is even more difficult.

Additionally, it would be better if you have torches along with you. At times, it might get dark while you’re mining deep in the caves and torches are your saviour then.

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