Cherise these Best 5 Idle Games (Online) with OP Auto Clicker

Idle games are fun if you’re just looking to use your fingers continuously while keeping your brain shut. Most such games require you to just click at a particular place multiple times in order to receive rewards or upgrade your character.

While this can be fun, you might want to use a tool like OP auto clicker to make your gameplay easier. If you’re wondering what idle games you’ll be able to play with it, we’ve created a list for you.

Dogeminer 2

It was initially developed seeing the hype of dogecoin, all thanks to Elon Musk. This game was supposed to be dead in a few months after the hype. However, it has still hooked up players and is being played by thousands of them consistently every month.

The only thing this idle game requires you to do is keep hitting the rocks with a pickaxe and mine dogecoin in the process. OP auto clicker can be used in the game to automate the mining so that you receive in-game dogecoins with complete automation.

Cookie Clicker

There cannot be a better game than this to use an auto clicker. With a CPS limit of around 250 clicks per second, this game is in a way made for auto clickers. If that’s now enough for you, there are in-game upgrades like cursors, grandma, factories etc. which will do wonders when combined with OP auto clicker.

Although OP lets you have a click interval of 1 millisecond, it won’t make sense to keep such an interval due to its maximum cap. So we’d suggest you keep an interval no less than 4 milliseconds.

Time Clickers

In this game, you’re surrounded with multiple blocks and you need to find a block that you’re supposed to shoot. The blocks require you to shoot multiple times at the same place in order to break them.

Unlike most idle games, this game can’t be completely automated. Reason being, you don’t have to keep clicking at a single place all the time. Once you’re done shooting a block, the next block can be found at a different place in the game.

Universal Paperclips

This game might look visually unappealing at first but is sure to get you hooked once you play it for some time. You run a full-fledged paperclip manufacturing unit in this game. Apart from making paper clips by clicking continuously on “make paperclips” button, you also need to use some math and put a reasonable, yet profitable price per paperclip.

The lower your price is, the higher the public demand goes. Additionally, each paperclip you manufacture, an inch from your wire decreases. Upon finishing, the wire costs $15 for 1000 inches. Once you’ve made enough money by manufacturing, you can move on to the marketing of these clips by paying $100 in the first level.

A Dark Room

This is one of the weirdest games out there and is yet very popular. It is basically a text-based RPG game where you need to select from different options you’re provided with. Depending on the options you select, the story moves on.

When you start the game, you’ll need to click on stock fire. Once clicked upon, the button is back for clicking after 10 seconds. The game will continuously require you to stock fire which can be automated with OP by setting the appropriate click interval. Apart from it, you can also use OP while building traps, carts as well as huts.

Check out how this guy breaks a popular idle game with OP: