OP Auto Clicker for Roblox – Huge Relief Against Multiple Clicks

Roblox has millions of active players as well as games. It is the biggest gaming platform for both; game creators as well as players. Over the years, people have been using a lot of cheats and shortcuts in different Roblox games to play them with ease.

One such tool that has been getting popular with Roblox is an auto clicker. This tool doesn’t fully automate the games, but is useful in automating specific tasks of the games. In this short guide, we’ll learn about OP auto clicker and how it can be used to play Roblox games.

OP Auto Clicker for Roblox - Huge Relief Against Multiple Clicks

OP Auto Clicker

What is it?

As the name suggests, it is a software that allows the users to automate clicking at a particular speed and for a particular time as the user wishes it to. Here are some of the features of the tool:-

  •   There are multiple click interval units including hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds you can choose from. The lower your click interval is, the faster the clicking will happen.
  •   You can set which mouse button you want to click at what position as well as its frequency and click type (single/double).
  •   Record and playback feature lets you record a series of actions or sequences and play them when needed.

Where can it be used in Roblox?

There are a lot of instances where an auto clicker can be used in Roblox games. That said, here are some of the most popular ones:-

  •   PVP games like bedwars
  •   Simulator games like speed simulator and weight lifting simulator
  •   Most shooting games
  •   Going AFK

How to use it?

PVP games

In PVP games, you can use an auto clicker to attack other players by clicking and punching them quickly. All you need to do is, set the click interval as 100 milliseconds, point your mouse at your opponent and start clicking.

Additionally, in PVP games like Bedwars as well as Hypixel, you can use OP to god-bridge. If you’ve recently started playing Roblox, there are high chances that you might have watched a few God bridging tutorials on YouTube.

This is because it is fairly difficult and people often struggle with it. However, with OP auto clicker, you can automate the task of placing blocks as you move and create a bridge easily. You can set the click interval to around 500 milliseconds for this.

Important tip:-

While you’re god bridging, make sure to set click type to “double” and place two blocks at a time. Additionally, avoid witchly bridging and breezily bridging as both of them when performed with mouse automating tools might attract a ban.

Simulator games

A lot of simulator games require you to click continuously to increase your power, speed or any other aspect. In speed simulator, you can use the auto clicking softwre to achieve maximum speed whereas in weight lifting simulator you can increase your overall size and power by clicking and lifting the weight continuously.

Important tip:-

Make sure you set the click interval no less than 300 milliseconds to make it look natural.

Shooting games

There are a lot of shooting games like Zombie rush and Big! Paintball where you can make use of OP auto clicker. We understand that pointing the mouse at your enemies while shooting at the same time can be a complex task. So in order to make it easier, you can use an auto clicker and make the shooting automatic. Make sure your shooting controls are set to right/left mouse click.

Important tip:-

Do not lower the click interval to 100 milliseconds and make sure to stop the clicking or shooting once you’ve killed the enemy. This will ensure that you don’t run out of bullets by continuous shooting.

Going AFK

Most Roblox games are multiplayer and when you’re in a game, you must stay active. If you’re inactive for more than 20 minutes, you’ll be kicked out. To avoid this, you can set the cursor position at a random coordinate in the game screen and set the click interval to a minute or two. 

Important tip:-

Make sure you set the cursor position to a place where there are less chances of anything happening for the next few minutes. So even if the clicking goes for a few minutes or hours, there won’t be any change once you’re back in the game.

Have a look at this amazing video showing auto clicker in roblox.