Which Auto Clicker TommyInit uses? (Tips & Tricks included)

Just like most of y’all, I and my team too are fans of tommy and have been watching his videos since long. When we first saw the title “I used autoclicker in a Minecraft 1v1…”, we clicked it immediately praying he’d used OP in the video. And guess what? He actually did..

So for all of you who’ve been wondering what tool he used in the video, it was OP auto clicker. And now that you’re here, let us talk about our tool a little more and answer all of your questions regarding it.


About OP Auto Clicker

It is a tool that lets you automate the clicking in your games or any other tasks where it is required to. Apart from auto clicking, it also lets you record a sequence of mouse and keyboard actions and playback it later.

Initially created for idle games, this is now being used in all the types of games as well as jobs and tasks that require monotonous tasks to be performed.


How TommyInit used it- explained

Tommy was looking for the best auto clicker and all thanks to Tubbo who sent him the OP exe. After installing the tool, the first thing he did was verify its working on a couple of cps test sites.

These sites can let you check whether an auto clicker is even working or not and how many maximum number of clicks you can produce with it. On paper, OP can produce 1000 clicks per second, however, PCs and games are not capable of registering that much CPS.



Tommy got a CPS of 45, which is way more than enough for Minecraft. He first tried the tool in a test 1v1 with Tubbo and the settings he used were:-

  • Click interval: 5 milliseconds
  • Mouse button: Left
  • Click type: Single
  • Click repeat: Repeat until stopped
  • Cursor position: Current location

Tommy lost the first 1v1 battle and it was because Tubbo used a diamond sword. Once both of them got the same sword, Tommy won it easily.

Later on, he challenged his discord friends for a 1v1 and promised them to pay $100 if they’re able to beat him. The catch was that none of them knew he’d be using an auto clicker. He beat them all effortlessly, except for the one time when he forgot to press the hotkey and turn on the auto clicker.

The dragging issue: Is it a bug?

While using OP auto clicker for Minecraft, Tommy faced a weird dragging issue that didn’t let him click on any of the stuff in the GUI and instead dragged everything. It kept happening even when he turned off the auto clicking.

Tubbo said that it might have happened due to the game getting bugged out from the abnormal clicking speed. However, we tested it thoroughly and didn’t face any of such issues. We even cross-checked it with our friends and hundreds of users and nobody seems to be facing the bug. 

We don’t know what exactly caused the issue for Tommy, but it can be anything from his PC, to the Minecraft launcher he used or even the additional third party apps that he had opened in the background.


What It can do: Features

Auto Clicking:-

        Set the click interval and frequency of clicks.

        You can select the type of button (right, left or middle) as well as the click type (single, double).

        Position of the clicking can be set to specific coordinates or the current location of the cursor.

Record and playback:-

        Change the playback speed to up to 10x

        Select which actions you would like to record from keyboard, mouse click, delay and mouse move.

        Make it minimize automatically after recording or playback.

        Select from multiple ‘On Click Complete’ options like idle, quit, lock computer, turn off computer etc.


        Save the recordings and play them anytime.

        Smart recording that doesn’t affect the playback even if you change the location of the recorded window.

        Schedule clicking and playbacks.

How to use OP best for minecraft?


There are plenty of instances where you can use OP in Minecraft and here are some of them:-


One of the best ways you can use OP in Minecraft is in PVP, which is what Tommy did. No matter how fast you click manually, there’s always a faster person who’ll keep throwing punches at you or attack with a weapon very fast.

However, if you set the delay to around 10 milliseconds, you’ll easily beat everybody else until the other person isn’t using an auto clicker as well.


Mining can get you a lot of hidden resources that you otherwise won’t. However, while mining a cave or performing a shaft mining, you must keep clicking for a few seconds or minutes to break the blocks. It gets boring and tiresome after a point of time and this is where you can use OP auto clicker.


Having a good source of food in the game is extremely important and having a farm is the best source for it. Making a farm is not easy and might require you to perform monotonous actions over time. 

With OP, you can automate a lot of farming tasks like breaking the grass, digging the surface with hoe and even harvesting the crops.

Going AFK

While you’re playing on an online server, you cannot be away from the keyboard for more than 20 minutes. However, if you set a delay of a few minutes and start the auto clicker when you’re gone, you won’t be kicked out of the server for inactivity no matter when you come back.


Tips and Tricks for OP

1. Set convenient hotkeys

Hotkeys are very important while using OP or any other auto clicker. So when you start using it, either make sure you remember what the default hotkeys are or set them as per your convenience. 

If you’re wondering what are the default hotkeys in OP, here are they:-

  • Start/Stop (clicking) – F6
  • Playback/Stop – CTRL+1
  • Record/Stop – CTRL+3

2. Spam your friends


If you like to annoy your friends by spamming their inboxes, OP will make it easier for you. You can use auto clicking on the stickers and keep sending them hundreds of stickers every minute. Additionally, you can also create a recording of typing random words and sending it to your friends and play it back multiple times.

3. Playback speed


Most people don’t realize that the speed of the recording they create can be increased to up to 10x while playing it back. It can be extremely useful while you’re playing a game, shopping online or even in your data entry jobs.   

Here’s how to increase the playback speed:-

  • Click on ‘Record & Playback’.
  • Go to options>playback>speed.
  • Now set the speed from anywhere between 1x up to 10x

4. Set the interval to 0

In order to attain the maximum clicking speed, you can set all the click intervals to 0. Although after a point, most games and apps limit the clicking speed, if you find something that doesn’t, it can be helpful.

What we most like about how TommyInnit using OP?


We’ve talked enough about the tool and let us now talk about the person that introduced this tool to most of you, TommyInnit. After watching the video multiple times, here are a few things that impressed us about Tommy using OP auto clicker:-

Testing it out

He didn’t start using the auto clicker in the game right away. He smartly tested it on a few cps test sites first and then used it in the actual game. This is exactly what you should do while using any auto clicker. 

Didn’t use it in the servers

In the start of the video itself, he made it clear that he wasn’t technically hacking and was only using it in the 1v1 matches with his friends. He didn’t use it in any of the online servers. Although, using it in servers is totally fine and a lot of people do it. 

$100 for the winner


He was so confident and sure about the OP auto clicker that he was ready to give any of his friends $100 if they were able to beat him, which they obviously didn’t.

Troubleshooting the issue


For whatever reason he faced that issue, he and his friend spent a few minutes troubleshooting and finding out the actual reason for it. We won’t talk about whether the reason was correct or not but just the fact that he did, is a sign of a great gamer.